Quality Assurance
Lean Production Improvement
Improve management level and manufacture
high quality products
Ultimate goal: "zero waste"
Pursue zero inventory
Please pursue no stock production, or make the inventory reach the minimum production system, to form a set of production and management system with characteristics
Seeking quick response
In response to market changes, producers develop cell production, fixed change production and other layout and production programming methods
Please emphasize the importance of human resources and regard the wisdom and creativity of employees as the driving force of enterprise wealth and future development
Harmonious unity of internal and external environment of enterprises
Please integrate the enterprise's internal activities and external market (customer) demands harmoniously into the enterprise's development goal
Inventory is a curse
High inventory is one of the characteristics of mass production
The company has established a perfect product quality control system and passed ISO9001 certification in 2015 and ISO14001,iso45001 certifica in 2020. Strict quality control procedures are established in the production environment, equipment, upstream suppliers, pollution management, cleaning and disinfection, pest control, staff training, warehousing and logistics, advanced quality system, production and services, traceability, recall system, laboratory control, internal audit, and conformity of laws and regulations. In order to improve the product quality, there are metal detection equipment at the raw material input end, production process, raw material output end, etc.; at the front end of the product coiling, each production line has a defect detector to monitor various defects in the product process.

With the business philosophy of "quality comes from science and technology, Griffin creates the future", it has strict quality control and quality assurance system from raw material procurement to product production and delivery. The company will be raw materials management, production control and quality assurance throughout the entire product production process, sales process and service process, to achieve continuous improvement and product refinement production, constantly meet customer demand and the development direction of non-woven products, help our customers improve product competitiveness.
ISO9001Quality system
Improve management level and manufacture
Strengthen quality management
Improve enterprise efficiency
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